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Site Characterization

EMA West staff is experienced in performing field investigations and analyses to characterize contamination in air, soil, and water resulting from releases of hazardous materials. Such investigations involve a number of technical disciplines that provide the following services:

- Identifying buried objects and/or hazardous materials using geophysical techniques such as electrical resistivity, ground-penetrating radar, and magnetics;

- Identifying the presence of volatile organic compounds using soil gas sampling;

- Constructing wells, borings, and test pits for soil and/or groundwater sampling and collecting samples for chemical laboratory analysis;

- Evaluating the results of chemical analyses to characterize the types and extent of identified contamination;

- Conducting permeability and transmissivity aquifer tests to aid in determining the potential for contaminant migration through groundwater; and

- Collecting air samples at emission sources and in the ambient air and evaluating the analytical results of those samples.

EMA West has a qualified team of personnel and resources to perform site investigations in the most cost-effective and timely fashion.



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