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Remedial Engineering & Construction Management

Regulatory agencies express growing concern over potential adverse impacts caused by past releases from waste storage disposal sites. Industrial facility managers need to evaluate their facilities regarding these concerns. This evaluation may require groundwater studies, soil and water sampling, and the evaluation and possible implementation of specific remedies for confirmed problems. In addition, property transfers often require professional evaluation of potential liabilities due to past waste disposal practices.

EMA West personnel are experienced in developing and implementing practical, cost-effective, and environmentally sound solutions to contamination problems. These solutions include containment, disposal, and treatment, with treatment (waste destruction, neutralization, or minimization) receiving preference as the optimum solution. EMA West's remedial engineering and construction management services include the following:

- Identifying and evaluating the feasibility of potential remedial actions;

- Preparing conceptual and detailed designs for the selected alternative, including plans and specifications;

- Preparing bid documents and reviewing bids from prospective contractors;

- Overseeing construction of the selected remedial alternative; and

- Preparing operating and training materials.

EMA West's remedial design experience has been utilized in developing a wide variety of remedial alternatives.



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