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EMA West's multi disciplinary staff includes chemical, civil, and mechanical engineers; engineering geologists; environmental scientists; industrial hygienists; geologists; toxicologists and hydrogeologists. The specific areas in which our staff provides consulting services are the following:

Hazardous Materials/ Hazardous Waste

The use, management and disposal of hazardous materials and wastes are under continued scrutiny by legislators, regulators and the public. Finding a way through the maze of hazardous waste issues, complying with complex regulations and finding solutions to technical problems in this area are difficult tasks for even the most experienced environmental professional.

The increased workload, complex regulations, and the technical nature of problems faced by corporate, divisional, and plant-level environmental personnel often require them to seek special environmental engineering help.

EMA West has been a prime supplier of environmental services to industry. As new challenges to industry arise, EMA is prepared to assist industry in finding cost-effective and technically correct solutions. EMA West has hands-on experience with compliance, permitting, monitoring and remedies related to RCRA and CERCLA.

We can help you solve your hazardous waste problems.


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