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Property Condition Assessments

Property condition assessments are the physical aspects of the property and how its conditions change due to age of the property. Property condition assessments for real estate transfers are also a fact of life in today's risk saturated, litigation-prone business world. Pre-purchase property condition evaluation of the property is also the important cost-effective way of protection. Real estate assessment conducted with EMA West expertise will make buying and selling property a solid proposition.

Property condition assessments give you an in-depth, comprehensive look into the physical aspect of the property. EMA West's property condition assessments give you a baseline for estimating what it will take in terms of money and resources to bring a property into the regulatory compliance. EMA West offers a breadth and depth of services that is unique in the industry. Our responsiveness to your concerns, our expertise and our full range of capabilities give you the best possible combination of experienced hindsight and educated foresight. Our highly experienced team and support specialists gather all the information relevant to property considerations.

Property condition assessments consists of walk-through site inspection and probable costs to remedy physical deficiencies. The walk-through site inspections consists of inspections of structural frame and building envelope, roofing, plumbing, heating systems, air conditioning/ventilation, electrical systems, vertical transportation, life safety/fire protection, and interior elements, etc.

EMA West conducts property condition assessments for buyers, sellers, and developers of real property, and their brokers, attorneys, lenders, and insurance companies, who wish to minimize the potential liability involved in purchasing real estate.

EMA West has a qualified team of personnel and resources to perform property condition assessments in the most cost-effective and timely fashion.


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