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Facility Siting, Design Evaluation & Permitting

EMA West provides a broad range of services for developers and owners of commercial and on-site TSD facilities. These services include but are not limited to:

- Developing siting criteria to meet all client and regulatory requirements;

- Assisting the client in selecting a site and obtaining necessary permits;

- Preparing interim and long-range operating plans;

- Developing contingency, training, and waste handling plans;

- Determining equipment requirements;

- Preparing conceptual and detailed facility designs, including plans, specifications, and bid documents;

- Overseeing facility construction; and

- Auditing or evaluating existing facilities for regulatory compliance or for their suitability to handle a client's particular waste disposal needs.

RCRA and equivalent State hazardous waste facility permitting are new and difficult processes. Long, complex permit applications and subsequent regulatory agency reviews can be frustrating. EMA West has the capability to prepare permit applications for various types of facilities such as landfills, pre-treatment units, incinerators, and storage facilities.


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