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B.S., Chemical Engineering
University of Maryland (1980)

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

American Chemical Society

National Asbestos Council

Registered Environmental Assessor (R.E.A., No. 1382), State of California

National Society of Professional Engineers


Mr. Mahmood has over twenty years of diversified engineering and management experience in the environmental field. Emphasis has been in hazardous waste site investigations, environmental audits, closure plans, real estate environmental assessments, RCRA Part B application, waste minimization, and remediation. Mr. Mahmood has direct experience in the oversight of remedial investigations, feasibility studies, remedial design, and implementation activities for variety of hazardous waste sites under Federal and State auspices.

Mr. Mahmood has performed over two thousand real estate environmental assessments including office complexes, major shopping centers, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities, and multi family complexes. Some of the environmental assessments included potential environmental liability cost estimates associated with multi-billion-dollar property acquisitions or company asset transfers.

Mr. Mahmood has performed detailed environmental engineering reviews necessary to construct hazardous waste treatment facilities, including bid and construction reviews, and design evaluations. Mr. Mahmood has extensive experience in developing National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits for industrial wastewater treatment plants ranging from those for petroleum refining to Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW).

Mr. Mahmood has been extensively involved in the evaluation and development of data management system to track compliance of permitted facilities as well as bringing non-compliance facilities into regulatory compliance.

Mr. Mahmood has also been extensively involved in the solid waste area. The experience includes municipal refuse characterization, treatment processes, and environmental impact assessment, assessment studies for on-hand disposal resource recovery experience with treatability studies and evaluation of process for recovery of methane from municipal and industrial wastes.


Managed remedial investigation program for the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Directed services of the Industrial and Hazardous Waste Engineering Group. Assessed the soil and groundwater contamination from chemical warfare and pesticide manufacturing wastes.

Performed detailed feasibility studies to treat Hanford Nuclear Facility groundwater contaminated with radionuclides, organic solvents, metals and inorganics. Recommended remedial alternatives for the mobile treatment systems as well as a fixed central treatment facility.

Managed hazardous waste reduction project at the Hewlett Packard Facility in Palo Alto, California. Project included investigation of processes such as separation, precipitation/fixation, ion exchange, plus other applicable technologies for segregating, reducing, recycling and/or treating arsenic wastes in the calcium fluoride sludge resulting from the manufacture of gallium arsenide chips.

Conducted treatment processes for the volume reduction of wastes containing heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, copper, mercury, molybdenum, and zinc at Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) geothermal facilities in Northern California.

Established the on-site chemical analysis laboratory for the post-closure treatment for a hazardous waste site for Firestone Tire and Rubber Manufacturing Company in Salinas, California. The project included design and installation of a soil vapor extraction system and a groundwater treatment system to remove organic contaminants from groundwater as well as soil. Assisted with regulatory agency liaison for required permitting. Prepared equipment specifications, drawings and bid documents.

Conducted EPA Superfund investigation and material analysis for hazardous waste assessment of Weldon Springs, Missouri Ammunition Plant. The site is contaminated with radionuclear inorganics, organics and heavy metals. Recommended remedial measures to comply with RCRA regulations.

Performed the treatability testing data, chemical process design, and technical specifications for the leachate treatment plant for Time Oil Company in Washington. Set up bench scale experiments to test the leachability/extraction rate of volatile organics in the soil using water as a flushing solvent.

Conducted soil gas and groundwater investigations for major electronic facilities (i.e., Hewlett Packard, IBM, Monolithic Memories, Electronics Company, etc.), in silicon Valley. Recommended remedial measures for highly contaminated areas.

Prepared an alternative analysis and detailed feasibility study of process alternatives to remove aromatic hydrocarbons (i.e., benzene, toluene, and xylene) from ballast water at Valdez Harbor Oil Terminal in Alaska.

Assisted in preparation of RCRA Part B application for continued operation and closure of operating facilities.

Performed detailed technical, economical, environmental and institutional feasibility studies for recovering energy and materials from solid waste for U.S. Department of Energy and private firms. Set up and tested various conveyors (belt, apron, vibrating), trommels, cyclones, air separation and rotary screen equipment to determine how conveyance of different solid waste fraction may be improved.

Managed SARA Title III, Section 313, Toxic Chemical Release Inventory for a major Oil Refinery in Southern California. The project included detailed review of process operations and performance of material/mass balances to calculate the total emissions of each chemical under Title III into the air, soil, groundwater, surface water etc. Recommended necessary measures to comply with regulations.

Assisted a major valves manufacturing facility in Southern california perform SARA Title III, Toxic Chemical Release Inventory.

Managed U.S. Navy hazardous waste remediation project at North Island, San Diego. The project include hazardous waste characterization of drummed waste accumulated during last 12 years; recommended different alternatives to dispose/thermally destroy hazardous wastes.

Conducted feasibility studies for the remediation alternatives for California Department of Transportation. The project involved detailed evaluation/screening/selection of alternatives to remove contamination from the soils.

Performed a waste minimization study for California utilities. Proposed alternatives to reduce/eliminate/substitute Toxic Chemicals in their operations.

Designed and implemented the In Situ Volatilization (ISV) system for a major valves manufacturing company. The system removed chlorinated solvents and aromatics contamination from the soils. The waste stream treated with activated carbon prior to discharge.

Performed feasibility studies to select/screen remedial alternative to remove radioactive, volatile organic compounds and heavy metals from soils and groundwater at Rocky Flats, Colorado.

Managed and prepared Toxic Hot Spots (AB 2588) Inventory Plans for General Motors, THUMS Long Beach (Consortium of Texaco, Humbel, Union, Mobil, and Shell), chemical Waste Management Kettleman Hill Hazardous Waste Landfill, and SupraCote.

Managed and prepared Air Toxic Inventory Reports (AB 2588) for the University of California and several industrial facilities.


Mahmood, K., November 1988. Solvent Waste Reduction in the Electric Utility Industry, Waste Minimization. Electric Power Research Institute.

Mahmood, K., December 1988. Alternative Technologies Assessment for Remediation of Hazardous Waste Streams Generated at Naval Facilities.



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