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M.D., Doctor of Medicine
Southwestern University, 1989

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
University of Arizona, 1979

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
Cebu Institute of Technology, 1974

Post Graduate Research Work in Environmental Science and Public Health
California State University at Northridge

Registered Professional Engineer in the State of California

American Chemical Society

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

President, Medicine Class of 1989, Southwestern University

Fulbright-Hays Fellow/Grantee, U.S. Department of State

Member, National Environmental Health Association

Member, National Society of Professional Engineers

Member, World Filtration Society, Brussels, Belgium,

Most Outstanding Alumnus, Cebu Institute of Technology, 1986

Engineer of the Year, H.R. Textron, 1983

Outstanding Engineering Awardee, H.R. Textron, 1982

Adjunct Lecturer, Biomedical Science and Engineering and Medical
Epidemiology, Southwestern University

Adjunct Lecturer, Chemical Engineering, Cebu Institute of Technology



Mr. Gecosala has over twnty five years of diversified experience covering various fields including human and environmental toxicology, epidemiology, risk assessment, hazardous waste management, and site mitigation, project engineering and management, environmental and industrial chemicals, bioremediation, public health analysis, industrial hygiene, emergency response and process engineering.

Mr. Gecosala is a Registered Professional engineer as well as a Registered Environmental Assessor in the State of California. Mr. Gecosala has performed numerous environmental audits in California and other states as well. Environmental assessments and regulatory compliance audits included on various facilities: aerospace companies; chemical plants; oil refineries; federal facilities such as navy, marine , and army sites; and major commercial and industrial buildings.

Mr. Gecosala has actively been involved in various environmental projects including subsurface investigation, waste minimization, health risk assessments, risk management and prevention program (RMPP), engineering design and evaluation, and remediations. Mr. Gecosala has also testified as an expert witness in court in regard to health risk assessment.


Performed risk assessment study to evaluate the impact in the event of a cloud dispersion of hydrogen sulphide is emitted during accidents at the neighboring facilities where oil drilling is in operation at THUMS Long Beach Company (consortium of Texaco, Humbel, Union, Mobil, and Shell).

Performed a preliminary endangerment assessment of an old, abandoned well at Pomona Landfill Site, Pomona and recommended remediation of the site based on this PEA.

Performed environmental assessment, soil gas sampling, soil analysis, and risk characterization for a condominium complex built on Boucher Landfill in Huntington Beach. The Department of health Services Preliminary Endangerment Assessment was used to screen the high level of benzene, toluene, xylene, thiophenes, mercaptans, and chlorobenzenes.

Conducted a risk assessment and public health analysis for eight different sites at Naval Energy and Environmental Support Activity (NEESA).

Reviewed and supervised risk assessment studies using California Decision Tree Manual and EPA Guidelines.

Performed a risk assessment study for University of Southern California for potential exposure of residents and workers to 1,1,1-TCA, and PCE.

Prepared Air Toxics Inventory Report (ATIR) for THUMS Long Beach Company.

Prepared permits and designed pollution control devices for the Sumps and Separators at THUMS.

Conducted indoor air quality study NAAP Systems, a polymer manufacturing company

Prepared hazardous waste analysis plan (HWAP) spill contingency plans for TSD facility at Construction Battalion Center, Port Hueneme.

Developed emergency procedures and contingency plans for H.R. Textron. a major aerospace company.
Designed and supervised the installation of wastewater treatment plant at a major food processing plant.

Developed and modeled an equation for a probabilistic prediction of filtration efficiency of fibrous media to contain small particles in hydraulic fluid contamination and air emissions. Paper was presented before the World Filtration Congress III in Downington, Pennsylvania.



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Gecosala, R.R., "Guidelines and Policy on Risk Management and Prevention Program at the City of Los Angeles", Los Angeles, California, 1991.

Gecosala, R.R., On State- of-the-Art Dispersion Models for High Density Gases: Comparison of DEGADIS versus SLAB for Chlorine Release Applications", Los Angeles, California, 1991.

Gecosala, R.R., "Acute versus Chronic Exposure: What is Next After Accident Release" City of Los Angeles, California, 1991.



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