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M.S., Environmental Engineering
South Dakota State University, Brookings, 1991

B.S, Civil Engineering
Bangalore University, India, 1983

State of California Registered Environmental Assessor

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,
Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA)

American Society of Civil Engineers

American Water Works Association

Water Pollution Control Federation


Mr. Banaji is an environmental engineer with over fifteen years of diversified experience in wastewater engineering, air monitoring, and hazardous waste management for industrial, State and Federal projects.

His experience includes developing detailed technical documents for U.S. EPA Superfund sites and performing environmental assessments for commercial and industrial facilities such as chemical and petroleum complexes. Mr. Banaji also has two years of experience as a wastewater treatment plant engineer at an advanced wastewater treatment facility.


Currently as a Project Engineer managing closure of RCRA facility under a Part B application and evaluating remedial technologies to remediate groundwater contamination at a former electronics manufacturing facility. Also as part of a Phase II site assessment developing planning documents to perform a soil investigation and remediation in a highly urbanized area. The purpose of the study is to identify the impact of past practices at the site and identify a suitable remedial alternative for planned development of the site.

Project Engineer for development of AB 2588 for determination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emission rates from Oil Production Facilities. As a member of the sampling team he screened 500 stationary source well heads using OVA-108. Further sampling included bagging the well heads to determine mass emission rates. The basic test procedure followed U.S. EPA and chemical and petroleum industry fugitive emission bagging protocols.

Site Manager for remediation of an abandoned hazardous waste dump for the City of Pomona Redevelopment Agency. Responsibilities in this position included analysis of current site conditions, impact of present site conditions with future site development plans and the economic impact, authored the Site Mitigation Workplan, performed Potential Responsible Parties (PRPs) search, supervised field operations, coordinated laboratory analysis and developed the Remedial Action Plan. Also interacted with the county regulatory agencies and participated in client and agency meetings to bring the site into compliance.
Performed several Environmental Audits for Real Estate Transfers Acquisitions and Divestitures for industrial clients such as petrochemical and heavy manufacturing plants. As the lead auditor performed plant visit, contacted regulatory agencies for compliance, identified process wastes, developed environmental impact reports and recommended appropriate action to bring the facility into compliance.

As a Site Engineer for a Superfund Site coordinated with U.S. EPA, developed and implemented sample management procedures, developed request for proposals to procure subcontractors, performed data analysis to identify the impact of migration of pollution through the groundwater aquifer discharging into Lake Michigan and authored the feasibility study report to remediate the site.

Project Engineer for remediation of a leaking underground storage tank for an industrial client. Responsibilities included analyzing existing data, development of work plan, sampling plan, health and safety plan and recommended a treatment technology. Also had complete financial and operational responsibility for the project.

As a Project Engineer authored a feasibility study report for a complex mixed waste (Radioactive and Chemical) site located in a wild life area with endangered species and with access to the public for recreation. Site features to be remedied included chemical plant structures, radiological sludge pits, surface water bodies and their sediments. Scope of work included Environmental Impact Document review, RI report review, technology screening, development of alternatives and screening including cost estimates to bring the site into federal compliance.

Member of RI/FS team for a Superfund landfill site located adjacent to a densely populated community in Ohio. Responsibilities included screening of remedial actions and preparation of the request for ARARs document and the feasibility study to mitigate impact to surrounding communities for a complex 28-acre municipal/industrial landfill. Also as a site engineer, performed field activities at several hazardous waste sites, activities included site assessment, site mobilization and field monitoring/sampling of all types of media.

Worked as a wastewater plant operator at an advanced wastewater treatment facility. Was responsible for day-to-day operation of the plant. This included monitoring the wastewater and sampling to meet NPDES discharge standards into the Big Sioux River.



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